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Ben Salter Album Launch

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Tickets on sale Fri 25 Oct, 9am


1 hr

All tickets $12.50

Fri 13 Dec, 7pm

Recommended Ages
Ages 16+

Lock up your PlayStations and hide your Antiques Roadshow DVDs Brisbane, because Australia’s third favourite adult entertainment icon Ben Salter is heading to the Gold Coast’s best new venue Home of the Arts, just in time for the festive season.

He will be launching his fourth solo album, “The Mythic Plane”, which he is releasing himself. It’s a collection of twelve songs concerning the nature of reality and such, recorded mostly in a rather haphazard fashion by Salter himself, with a little help from a few choice collaborators. It’s another esoteric entry into the already arcane catalogue of one of Australia’s most unique performers.

Salter will be joined by his old friend and band mate Bridget Lewis on the cello. Special guests to be announced.

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Presented by HOTA, Home of the Arts

Eats & Drinks before the show?

We highly recommend booking at our Café and our foyer bar is open 60 mins prior to performances.

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