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Festival of Small Halls - Springbrook

Australia's largest dedicated regional music tour, Festival of Small Halls, has announced its 2019 Summer Tour, featuring award-winning English singer-songwriter Blair Dunlop and famed high- energy Queensland duo, Hat Fitz and Cara.
With a dedication to getting off the beaten track, the not-for-profit music tour celebrates the time- old tradition of gathering in the local small hall for a special night of live music, storytelling and community connection.
Launching in the rolling hills of northern NSW at Mullum Music Festival on 17 November, the Festival of Small Halls Summer Tour will travel to 20 town halls. Encompassing the Darling Downs areas and crossing the Fraser, Keppel and Cassowary Coasts, this tour journeys as far as the lush rainforests north of Cairns and back again before wrapping up at Woodford Folk Festival, 27 December to 1 January.
Festival of Small Halls rolls into Springbrook on Saturday 14 December.

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