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Odyssey Senior Surfing Day

Join us for a spectacular day of surf, sun and fun! The Odyssey Grand Master Series is a unique opportunity for all our seniors surfers to wax up their board, pull on their boardies and togs and get back in the water and ride some waves.

This day is about rekindling that adventurous grommet spirit and getting back into the water with a group of like-minded seniors.

We’re here to help our residents live life on their terms and make the most of everyday, because we don’t’ see age as a barrier, just a number.

This day will include two divisions, 70 to 80 years old and 80 years plus, with events tailored accordingly.

To enter, please complete the entry form and send to [email protected] View the event brochure here.

Proudly sponsored by The Surfboard Warehouse and One Agency Real Estate Group.

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