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The Australian Government and health authorities have announced a public health emergency for COVID-19. In this instance, events will be cancelled or postponed. Please check the event's official website or social media channels for the latest information.

Heels on 2 Wheels Gravity

In this women-only event, competitors will have five hours to complete the course.
The course is split into two main categories – the timed competitive stages and the transition stages.
There will be six timed competitive stages, all predominantly downhill and ranging in difficulty.
The goal is to race down the competitive stages, recording a time for each, which is then consolidated into a single time with the fastest time of all competitors declared the winner.
In between each competitive stage, is the transition stages. This will be predominantly uphill and are for transitioning the riders from the end of the previous competitive stage to the start of the next one.
Transition stages aren’t timed, or competitive, however, the time limit of 30 minutes will be imposed on each transition to ensure the event flows smoothly. All riders have the opportunity to complete all stages in a reasonable time.

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